ARCHIVE: Datacamp December: Day 2

Posted on November 30, 2017

The last 2 days can be considered a soft launch of sorts. As I’ve read Scott Young’s advice on ultra learning projects, I’m realizing it’s inevitable that I’ll need to adjust my expectations, pace, or technique. So, I’m treating this week as a soft launch, where I work as planned to make progress and make major changes to my regimen as early as possible. This will be useful if it helps me better specify my goals, identify habits that work, and above all cut out the bad habits, techniques, or assumptions before I’m too far along. After all, it’s not actually December yet :p

January 2018 Update: That inevitable adjustment has pushed me to restart in January, after freeing mind space and time with a Digital Declutter led by Cal Newport through his newsletter. I’m now on track to finish all 20 courses by February 16th or earlier. However, it’s certainly worth revisiting Scott’s advice as I’m bound to hit roadblocks anew. This time though, I’m determined to finish and learn this well. I’ll be as comfortable in Python as I am in R and SQL, or more so. And, I’ll reach this state by finishing all 20 courses and a Kaggle competition or project of my choice by Feb 16th, or earlier. Do what it takes.